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Privacy Policy

Policy We respect customers 'privacy and understand that customers’ information is highly important. This policy is applied to all our services and website (hereafter referred to as “Website Services”). We provide additional information about how we manage and process customers’ information under each category, which requires a detailed explanation.

Information Collection and Usage

We have a system which records a user’s Internet provider’s IP address and user’s OS and access information. We use this information and emails sent to us to improve the convenience of the website. Cookies (a web browser process that sends your information) are valid in many Web browsers as a default. The purpose of using Cookies is to make the site smooth to use.


We do not provide nor publish any of customers’ information without their agreement except in the situation listed below.

Publishing Private Information and Update Privacy Policy

We provide your information only if public organs demand your information. We update the privacy policy when it is necessary on this page and will not inform on other pages.

Questions about our Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us from send a question.

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