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Niseko Landmark View

The first genuine condominiums built in Niseko (December 2006) offer a fascinating view of Mt. Youtei from the living room windows. (These condos are for two or more, such as family and friends.)

Mountainside Palace

Mountainside Palace is a condominium in the center of Hirafu, a convenient place to go shopping or visit other destinations. The rooms are compact, Japanese-style, include a fish grill and are suited for people staying longer, such as married couples or people new to condos.

Gondola Chalet

Gondola Chalet is the condominium closest to the gondola. The facade is black wood, which is especially beautiful in the green of summer and outstanding in the white of winter. This condo is suitable for groups.


SUIBOKU is a new condominium, built in January 2009, in the Niseko area. It is along the Hirahu slope, which is a main road to the Hirahu ski slope, and has easy access to convenience stores and restaurants.

Youtei Tracks

Youtei Tracks has a panoramic view of Mt. Youtei and the Hirahu ski slope. Ski lifts, cafes, and restaurants are nearby.


Freshwater is in the center of the village. The rooms are a combination of elegant Japanese and modern Australian designs.


Yamashizen has a unique design and high-grade living space.

The Setsumon

The Setsumon is spacious and includes everything you can't live without. TV, DVD player, cable, kitchen, refrigerator, washer, shower room and Internet are all standard. The view from the balcony is spectacular.

Shochikubai Furano

Though the exterior is both impressive and modern, the room design is a combination of Western and Japanese. The signature of this condominium is the classical style of the facilities. The quiet atmosphere is ideal for upper-class people who can afford to take some time for themselves.

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