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Don’t you get a sense of accomplishment after traveling and experiencing something different from your daily life? In the Age of Exploration, people traveled by ship, but now, in the High-Speed Age, we have access to airplanes and any part of the world.

In Japan, the first regular sea route between Yokohama and Europe began in 1864, and the first regular route connecting to North America between Hong-Kong, Yokohama and San Francisco began in 1867. This regular line allowed people to travel more easily. It used to take 22 hours to travel between Japan and San Francisco by ship, and the first Japanese international scheduled flight (Japan Airlines) took 31 hours to go to San Francisco via Honolulu in 1954. It’s very surprising how convenient it is to go there now, since it takes as few as 9 hours in the 21st century.

The origin of "TRAVEL" in English came from "TRIPALIUM" (TRI: Three, PALIUM: a pole or stake) which is late Latin (between 200 and 600 A.D.) and means a tool used for torture. In the Middle Ages, medieval English "TRAVAIL" (trouble, suffering, tiredness) came from classic French, and it became "TRAVEL."

Although technology has reduced traveling time, we still have trouble getting useful information. Sources of area/regional information have changed from limited sources such as travel notes and journals in the time of ocean voyages to modern sources including all kinds of media, making traveling by airplanes more accessible. Because of this overwhelming information, it is very difficult to discern which is true, up-to-date, and useful.

Travel Coordinates

Travel Coordinates

I was born and raised in Hokkaido. I live in Sapporo with my dear family. After I graduated from university, I worked for a major travel agency for 19 years and visited various places in Japan and more than 10 countries. Also, while working for a management company in Niseko, which is a major ski resort popular with people from Australia and Hong-Kong, I provided travel assistance to people visiting Japan.

From my experiences and as a Hokkaido-native or Dosanko, I realized that I want more people to come and visit Hokkaido without worrying about barriers like language, culture, or physical disability. With my whole heart, I want Japanese and people from other countries to know the famous places and fine articles in Hokkaido and experience many things. I would like to advertise more about new attractions in Sapporo, Hurano, Niseko, Rusutsu, and all over Hokkaido.

I would be so happy to help you through my website to make a plan to experience Hokkaido and other parts of Japan. My travel plan, at a condominium in Niseko or Hurano, is different from those of big travel agencies. For people visiting Hokkaido and/or elsewhere in Japan, I want you to get a taste of Japanese and Hokkaido’s culture without being bothered by language or physical barriers. I’ll help you to have a real experience in Japan without being restricted by the cost.

Special (or Technical) Services

Special (or Technical) Services

With our experience and values here at Rashinban, we can make you a travel plan without cost restrictions or barriers.

1) People with disabilities: large buses or taxis with lifts and appropriate hotel arrangements.
2) Language: multilingual support service including cell phone rental and personal guides to go shopping and/or sightseeing with, rent a car, drive (though not all the time), and get help in the event of an emergency.
3) Information: lodging, meals, and special menu arrangements; how to stay in a condominium in the Hirahu district in Niseko even though little service is available from travel agents.

Don’t only visit the sights by bus, but feel the nature and have a special local experience.

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