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Gondola Chalet

Gondola Chalet
Gondola Chalet

Gondola Chalet

As the name suggests, the Gondola Chalet is closest to the gondola. It is also closest to the powder snow, which Niseko is famous for. This chalet has excellent concierge service, but its greatest advantage is that it has the easiest access to the mountains. The Gondola Chalet is the new standard in gorgeous resorts.

  • Room Types: four-room living/dining/kitchen or five-room living/dining/kitchen
  • Number of Rooms: 16 (fifteen 8-person capacity, one 10-person capacity)
  • Facilities: shower room, toilet room, washer/dryer, TV, DVD player, cable, Internet, oven, microwave, toaster, refrigerator, etc.
  • Bed Types: Twin or King
  • Upgrades: -
  • Fee:
  • [Detailed Fee]
    [Read before reserving]

  • Address: Hokkaido Abutagun Kucchanchou Azayamata 183-20
  • Opened: -

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